About Jeff West

Jeff West is a cartooning dinosaur and bunny admirer, which has resulted in these pieces of art. Jeff also writes songs and lyrics (IntroOutro Songs) and designs and develops websites (GoWestWebWorks). Previously, Jeff was a car designer and a CAD software applications consultant.

About DinoBunny

DinoBunny originated with the 6 Christmas-themed coloured pencil drawings viewable in the Gallery. These have been sent out as greetings cards over previous years to friends and family, who should by now have one of each design. A few initial doodlings and early ideas are exhibited on the Sketch Pad.

DinoBunny Evolution

Bunny computer graphic

Coming Soon - DinoBunny 3D CGI

The future will see the gallery's original coloured pencil drawing designs recreated as digital computer artwork, an example can be seen here in the spoiler poster. Also planned is an expansion of the themes from Christmas to other occasions and events - Happy Birthday from DinoBunny! Some of these preliminary sketches are now available for viewing on the Drawing Board.

Claws and paws-crossed, there may be a time in the future when these greetings cards are available commercially.

Further development into three dimensions, with the addition of soft toys and clothing is being investigated.

Contact Me

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